Schramm T685WS Truck Mounted Rig

The Schramm T685WS is a world proven, heavy duty, heavy hoist, truck mounted drill rig.

Separate drill rig sub frame design permits stable mounting on standard trucks, the Schramm tracked drill carrier, trailers and special purpose vehicles of other manufacture.

High capacity single reduction top head drive rotation and efficient pipe handling systems make the T685WS Rotadrill ideal for the toughest drilling projects in the water well, shallow oil and gas, environmental, mineral exploration and surface mining fields, using down-the-hole hammer, air rotary, mud rotary and dual tube techniques.

Many options are available including:

  • 93,700 lbs. (42,502 kg) hoist
  • Range 2 and sliding angle mast
  • 5" ID (127 mm) high capacity top head
  • 500 psi (35 bar) air compressors.
  • 74,700 lbs. (33,884 kg) pullup
  • 28" (711 mm) table opening
  • 700 hp(522 kw) deck engine
  • 1,150 cfm @ 350 psi air compressor (32.6 cu m/min. @ 25.2 bar)
  • Hydraulic mud pumps

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